Diary of a Novice Gardener- Update (Jan)

I don’t have much to report on my garden by way of doing anything different. It’s been a very busy month for me starting a new job, which involves a much longer commute than I’m used to so I haven’t had as much time for gardening or writing. Luckily my garden hasn’t needed much more than a daily water, some dead heading and a few weeds pulled. I succumbed to nets on my tomatoes and strawberries and since have been getting a great harvest! So much so I have too many tomatoes to eat! I did loose a branch on my heirloom tomato plant, it snapped off right at the base and the branch was dying so I chopped it off and tried to save the tomatoes. Any tomatoes were picked and are sitting in a bowl on my window sill in hopes they might still ripen. I had separated my pumpkins and cucumbers because I over planted the pots. The cucumbers didn’t survive the heat, despite spending one of the hot days inside in my bathtub. I have been trying to save any plastic bottles, putting a hole in them and burying them with the plants to try and give them some extra water.

I have been taking photos for you all though to see the progress. I do love when one of my plants blooms or suddenly has a fruit/vegetable on it for the first time.


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