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Welcome to my blog- which is not about one thing. It’s about journeying through life together. Here’s some key points about me…

  • I’m from Melbourne, Australia.
  • I have been working in the Social Welfare field for over 10 years mostly with families and children. Early in my career I specialised in working with refugee families. I have a Bachelor in Social Work and a Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma.
  • I actually started my career as a nurse, working in Paediatrics, Oncology, Orthopaedics and a little Gen Med. I have also tried my hand at teaching nursing students. A combination of exposure to social issues through my work, family life and volunteering and a back injury led to my career change.
  • In my 20s I volunteered on and off in various African countries, mostly with abandoned and orphaned children but also in medical teams in remote or slum communities.
  • I volunteered as a youth mentor in a large youth group for about 13 years, I had many roles but mostly I oversaw the girls programs. I was also the special events coordinator and was tasked with planning camps, fundraisers, conferences and many other events.
  • I’m passionate about social justice issues.
  • My family has been touched by cancer.
  • I am 1 in 4 who have experienced pregnancy loss, having 2 miscarriages in 2018.
  • I am undergoing fertility treatment to become a single mum and also to open up my choices in the future if I do find someone I want more children with. I have Factor V Leiden and low AMH.
  • I don’t eat gluten or dairy due to intolerance and I try to eat as refined sugar free as possible (although I’m not as strict on the sugar all the time).
  • I am Christian and have a deep faith in God. I try to live by the ‘Love God, Love People’ philosophy rather than ‘religious rules’.
  • I am a feminist- although I would prefer we called it something like ‘equalism’. That’s the heart of feminism, equality.
  • I try to limit the use of chemicals in my life where possible.
  • I am the eldest of 5 sisters ranging from our 30s down to 12 years in age.
  • My family fostered children from when I was 18 and so I’ve had about 20 temporary siblings (all preschool age).
  • I am very family orientated- and by family I also mean the family we choose for ourselves. I’m known by many as ‘Auntie Jo’.
  • I love baking and I enjoy making special cakes for family and friends- but they are a lot of work so only occasionally.
  • I am passionate about making a difference in the world, particularly for children.
  • I am obsessed with Christmas.
  • I have been to South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Thailand, Canada, the USA, the Bahamas, Denmark, Holland and Germany.

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