Just a Little JoJo’s 2021 Gift Guide

This year’s gift guide is a collection of things I have purchased for gifts (this year or others) or things I have bought, used and loved myself. I have tried to stick to local, Aussie products with only a couple of exceptions (and where I can I’ve tried to give you Aussie stores to purchase... Continue Reading →

Two Week Wait Movie Lists

The dreaded 'Two Week Wait', it's bad enough when you're trying to get pregnant the old fashioned way. It messes with your mind, nothing to do but wait. Add in that early pregnancy symptoms are often just like PMS and it's torture. For me, who has been pregnant naturally before, I knew I was pregnant... Continue Reading →

10 IVF Cycle Must Haves

So, you have all your supplements down pat (you really should start these 3 months before you start IVF so quick get onto it if you haven’t), your doctor has got your meds tweaked just right for you, the nurse has gone through with you how to give your injections, you’ve purchased a cute little... Continue Reading →

JoJo’s Shepherd’s Pie (Double Batch)

There's something so comforting about a childhood favourite... 'just like Mum used to make'... Maybe not just like Mum used to make because I like to tweak those basic recipes; sometimes to make it a little more yummy, sometimes to beef up the veggies, and always to covert it to gluten/dairy free. So here it... Continue Reading →

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