Recipe- Veggie Hash with eggs.

A few months ago my mum gifted my a ‘Singles Box’ from a local business called ‘Vegie Bunch’. They source seasonal produce from local farms and deliver straight to your front door. You can buy set boxes in various sizes or you can pick what you would like from their extensive list, which changes from week to week depending on what’s in supply. I LOVED IT! I started out buying the set box but for the past 2 weeks I’ve been selecting what I want, and it works out roughly the same price I just get more of the things I know I’ll eat a lot and I’m not wondering what to make with some of the others. This is just perfect for me. After a bit of a battle getting my health back on track earlier in the year, I’ve really been wanting to include more fruit and vegetables in my diet. I know the amazing benefits of a good diet on healing and overall health. Having fresh, delicious fruit and veggies delivered to my door has made such a difference! I’m eating vegetables in every meal now and fruit, mainly in my breakfast smoothies- I love it! (I am in no way associated with Vegie Bunch other than being a very satisfied customer-  But honestly I encourage you to find a similar service in your local area, you just can’t bet the quality, price and convenience).

Tonight I was really tired from the week and I couldn’t really think of what to eat for dinner. I hadn’t been to the shops to buy any meat, but my Vegie Bunch Box arrived on my door step this morning, so I decided to whip up a little Veggie Hash with eggs. I often just grab any veggies I have, cook them up in a fry pan and add a couple of eggs. It’s so simple and so yummy. This type of thing is something I would do for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner interchangeably. This is a vegetarian version but if I’d had bacon or say chicken sausages, I’d have added it.

Ingredients (serves 2):
Olive Oil
1 Small onion- finely diced
Garlic- I use minced from a jar and it was about 1tsp but you could use a clove freshly crushed
1 Potato- grated
1 Carrot- grated
1 Zucchini- grated
1 piece of pumpkin- grated
1 handful of Kale- finely chopped
(I just made sure each of the vegetables was roughly the same size)
Salt to taste
4 eggs
Half an Avocado sliced

1. Grate or slice all the vegetables (keeping the onion separate).
2. Add oil to pan sauté garlic and onion until transparent.
3. Add vegetables and salt.
4. Heat for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally (you want it to brown on the bottom, then mix it through and do it again).
5. Remove Vegetable Hash from the pan and plate.
6. Add eggs to pan and cook to your liking.
7. While eggs are cooking slice your avocado and place on top of Vegetable Hash.
8. Once eggs are cooked add to your plate.
9. ENJOY!!
If I was adding bacon, I’d add it after the onion. If I was adding sausages, I’d probably cook them first, remove them from the pan, chop them up and add them back in at the end. I might’ve added paprika too but didn’t have any.
*I only cooked 2 eggs tonight and popped the other half of the hash mix in the fridge and will probably have the rest for breakfast tomorrow.

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