Count It Down with Music

My top 25 Christmas songs

This is going to be so hard! I have 1300 song on my Christmas playlist and it was hard enough to narrow it to the 130 on my Christmas Favourites playlist. So, narrowing it down to just 25 is going to be near impossible for me put I’m going to try. Here go’s (in no particular order)

1. Man With the Bag- Jessie J
Jessie J is a power house and this song is just so much fun, with some old-fashioned charm.

2. Christmas Card- Christina Anu
I love the real spirit of Christmas behind this song. It touches my heart each time I hear it, it reminds me to reach out to those who might be struggling.

3. You’re Here- Francesca Battistelli
I did back up vocals on this song a few years ago, the harmonies are beautiful. It’s a simple and beautiful song about the story of Christmas from Mary’s perspective.

4. Silent Night- Leona Lewis
This is probably my favourite version of Silent Night.  So hauntingly beautiful and stripped back so the vocals and harmonies shine.

5. Santa’s Coming for Us- Sia
Not only is this song fun and gets me moving, the film clip stars 2 of my absolute favourites Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd, it’s the cutest!

6. Just a Girl- Brandon Heath
Another look at the Christmas story but from the Inn Keeper’s point of view. It really puts into perspective this grand story that is actually something so humble and real.

7. One Little Christmas Tree- John Farnham
This song just makes me smile, and Johnny’s voice is magical.

8. Feliz Navidad/Joy to the World- Mandisa
This song (the Michael Bublé version which is also amazing) was on in Myer the other day and I wanted to start dancing right there and then. It just made my heart so happy, it feels like Christmas when this is playing- perhaps because of all the concerts I performed in growing up and this was a good group sing along.

9. Almost Christmas- Josh Wilson
I’m really into Christmas songs that put me in the mood and bring me back to an innocent time and those little memories that make Christmas magical- this is one.

10. Heaven Everywhere- Francesca Battistelli
This song just feels like Christmas; its melody is so whimsical. A sweet song about the delightful moments of Christmas.

11. River- Lea Michelle
The first time I heard this song was in an episode of Alias. I can’t ice skate, it only really talks about Christmas in the first verse so it’s probably not even a Christmas song, but it makes me long for something special.

12. Let Us Adore- Elevation Worship
This song is on a worship album but combines classic Christmas lines into a stunning declaration of why Christmas occurred in the first place, for the broken. It moves me every time I hear it.

13. Baby! It’s Christmas- Jessie James Decker
Sounds like such a classic Christmas anthem. Gets me bopping.

14. Who Would Imagine A King- Whitney Houston
Something about this was so childlike, a sweet little lullaby. And it’s Whitney, what’s not to love?

15. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen- Glee
This has been one of my favourite Christmas carols for as long as I can remember. I think I always loved the musical journey with all the harmonies. Glee did it very well.

16. Mary, Did You Know- Mary J Blige
I can just picture Sylvie Paladino, tears streaming down her face singing this song. Such a powerful song, I really like Mary J Blige’s version.

17. Once A Year- Josh Wilson
Another tune about seeing those less fortunate (I am a bleeding heart after all). I guess this speaks to me because I try to live everyday through love, Christmas doesn’t have to be the only time of year we choose to do things for others.

18. Away In a Manger- Tyrone Wells
I know this is probably a little kids Christmas Carol but it’s always been a favourite. I really like striped back versions and this one is just lovely. Can’t help but sing along.

19. Joy to the World- Mariah Carey
I know this is not the most famous song from this album, but this was always my favourite. It’s such a stuffy song normally but oh the runs, oh the choir, oh the key changes… I’m dancing just thinking about this song!

20. Jingle Bells- Michael Bublé.
I just love the fun, playful harmonies in this swinging version of the classic.

21. All I Want for Christmas Is You- Ingrid Michaelson & Leslie Odom Jr
Ingrid just makes everything so beautiful. And Leslie Odom Jr has the smoothest tones. This might not be to everyone’s taste (it was playing when my dad was over, and he was very upset it wasn’t the Love Actually version) but if you haven’t heard this give it a go.

22. Breath of Heaven- Amy Grant
I heard this in a shopping centre once and went to centre management to find out what it was (they didn’t know and these days I’d just Shazam it).

23. Someday at Christmas- Andra Day & Stevie Wonder
It’s Andra Day and Stevie Wonder, I could just stop there. But it’s a precious song about our greatest wish on Christmas- freedom, no pain, and peace on earth.

24. Emmanuel- Hillsong Worship (Born is the King)
I think in part this is again because I just adore singing the harmonies in this. It’s just always been a song that comes from my heart.

25. Sleigh Ride- Everly
A joyful musical treat with sweet harmonies for a classic. Well in doing this I have learnt that I’m selfish and that I just love songs that suit my musical abilities, haha. It’s very pretty too!

Hopefully I’ve introduced you to a few new songs or versions of classics. I’ve made a little Spotify playlist for you. Enjoy!



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