My Christmas Menu Contributions- Gluten and Dairy Free

I wanted to put you in touch with some of my favourite recipes over Christmas, whether recipes I have adapted for my own dietary needs or I have sourced from elsewhere. I have been gluten and dairy free for maybe three years, I can’t quite remember. Christmas baking is one of my favourite things, so I have tried and tested a bunch of recipes over the past few years and gotten it down to a list of things I do every year. While most of the year I try to limit refined sugars, I don’t at Christmas. Also, please note I can tolerate butter (many people with dairy intolerance can handle butter as it’s mostly fat molecule and not the dairy part that causes issues) so while I won’t cook with any kind of milk or cream, I will use real butter. My biggest contribution to Christmas is the baking. We’re having lunch at Mums so between 4 sisters and Mum the other elements of lunch are covered.

Crispy Roast Chicken with Gravy- I Quit Sugar
I haven’t actually done this for Christmas yet, but I’ve made it a few times through the year. The reason I’m making it for Christmas is that it has its own delicious gravy from the pan juices- gravox contains dairy and the dairy free versions aren’t very nice. This recipe contains other vegetable sides which I won’t be making but go for it if you want!

Stuffins- I Quit Sugar
Another favourite so that I can enjoy some trimmings are these delicious ‘Stuffins’ or little stuffing treats. I personally use a gourmet sausage when making these. Last year I made Danielle Walkers blender bread from Celebrations (but this one is also up on her blog) but you could use any bread you like.

Christmas Pudding- Deliciously Ella
This is so delicious. The Vanilla Cashew Custard is so light and creamy. My parents and I are really the only ones who eat Christmas pudding but that’s fine with me as there are leftovers for days!

Gingerbread- Against All Grain: Celebrations
For this one you’re going to need to buy the book. You won’t be sorry you did. I use so many recipes from all of Danielle Walkers recipe books all year round. I struggled for a long time to find a gingerbread recipe that I liked after I went gluten and dairy free. I have made gingerbread on Christmas eve for as long as I can remember. This one was the winner!


JoJo’s Gluten and Milk Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls
This is adapted from an old CWA recipe. Again, I can eat butter, so I do make these with real butter, but you could substitute with a dairy free alternative. You can also bake these as cookies just a moderate oven for 10 or so minutes. You can omit the chocolate and roll in cinnamon and sugar to make Snickerdoodles too if you would like. If I am baking these as cookies, I will often halve the dough making half Choc Chip and half Snickerdoodle. I like them as dough balls at Christmas for a treat. I will often do a gluten and dairy version for family and friends with Christmas M&Ms mixed through. It makes a lot so be prepared for that, you could half it or even quarter it but then you have to find something to do with the left-over condensed milk.

1 tin of sweetened condensed coconut milk (usually in Asian food isle of supermarket)
5 cups of GF self-raising flour
500g Butter
1+¼ cups sugar
1 block of Lindt dark cooking chocolate.

1. Cream butter, sugar and coconut condensed milk.
2. Add Flour and mix.
3. Chop up the chocolate and mix into dough.
4. Roll into balls and set in fridge.

JoJo’s Magic Slice
I was introduced to Hello Dollies by a Canadian friend, something we don’t really have here in Australia. When I went gluten and dairy free, I set out to make an alternative I could eat.

Line a pan with baking paper so that the paper reaches up the sides of the pan- it will be easier to get out later.
1+½ cups coconut flour
½ cup melted copha (you can use coconut oil but it’s not so good for our Aussie Christmases in the heat)
Mix together and press into the pan.
Layer with your favourite ingredients.
Mine are: Shredded coconut (1 cup), mixed nuts (2 cups), crasins (½ cup) and dark chocolate (1 cup). Sometimes I will also add about a cup of broken up pretzels. But you can be creative, and you don’t have to stick to quantities they’re really an approximate.
2 tins of sweetened condensed coconut milk (usually in Asian food isle of supermarket).
Pour over everything.
Bake in 180 degrees Celsius until bubbling and browned (30-45mins).
Allow to cool.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Another North American treat from my Canadian bestie. I don’t think they’ve taken off as well here, but I love the sweet & salty combination. I will purchase gluten free pretzels, melt Lindt dark cooking chocolate and cover them myself. I then sprinkle with Jimmies sprinkles. I have purchased in red, green and white and just mix them up.

CupCakes- Nut Free Yellow Cake- Against All Grain: Celebrations
Again, sorry (but not sorry because you’re going to love it!), you will need to buy Danielle Walkers book for these. I have a sister who is also gluten and dairy free but also nut free, so these are great. I have made Danielle’s Vanilla buttercream for these but honestly for convenience I have just been grabbing a tub of Over the Top premade butter cream icing from Spotlight. It’s made with shortening so is dairy free. I generally whip it and pipe it on.


(Not sponsored in any way- just some of my favourite recipes by some of my favourite people).


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