Two Week Wait Movie Lists

The dreaded ‘Two Week Wait’, it’s bad enough when you’re trying to get pregnant the old fashioned way. It messes with your mind, nothing to do but wait. Add in that early pregnancy symptoms are often just like PMS and it’s torture. For me, who has been pregnant naturally before, I knew I was pregnant right away, before I could test. My symptoms were really strong and I don’t get many PMS symptoms. Doing IVF though, you have basically injected or inserted every hormone that produces symptoms ten fold! So there is no telling if symptoms are pregnancy or medications. Something I started doing during my ‘Two Week Wait’ was choosing a movie theme and binging mostly nostalgic films. I’ve read that from a psychological perspective when we are stressed or dealing with trauma or grief we often revisit old favourites because our brains cant handle the new.

I thought it might be helpful to others to create some movie lists and if you are needing some distraction you can make your way through your favs! I don’t think I have repeated a movie on all 21 lists. That’s well over 300 movies!! Some movies will fit on multiple lists so you can mix and match. I’ve also created a companion list of a few TV shows in the same themes as each of the list. You could even chose to watch one movie from each list if you wanted some more variety. Also, as a bonus to anyone in Australia I have included how you can watch. Hopefully someone finds these useful!

** I have tried really hard to make sure there aren’t overtly triggering movies on these lists… some of my favourite movies haven’t been included for this reason. But please make sure you are looking after your own wellbeing and check before watching. (Some movies I haven’t seen in a while so I may have missed something).

*** Some movies/TV shows I have included despite the triggering nature but with a note on them because the scene in minor or I think that the subject was handled in a really empowering way.

**** Yes I still own DVDs. As this activity has shown me, what was on Netflix last week is now on Stan and what was on Prime two weeks ago now isn’t available anywhere. I have invested a lot of money over the years in DVDs so I don’t want to fork it out again if it happens that something is no longer available on a streaming service.

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  1. I still own DVDs and I often revisit them. I’ve just browsed a couple of your lists and we share some favourites. Thanks for sharing your selections, your lists are easy on the eye and informative too. Have a nice weekend!

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