Just a Little JoJo’s 2021 Gift Guide

This year’s gift guide is a collection of things I have purchased for gifts (this year or others) or things I have bought, used and loved myself. I have tried to stick to local, Aussie products with only a couple of exceptions (and where I can I’ve tried to give you Aussie stores to purchase from). I think this year is definitely one to try to purchase local and support businesses who have been hard hit by lockdowns. I also hope to get to a few local markets and support local artists, bakers and designers. I also like to check out local vintage stores for a unique little find.

Wax Seal Kitshttps://seaandpaper.com.au/ / https://zettaflorence.com.au/create/wax-sealing/

I discovered my love of a wax seal several years ago and ever since often incorporate them into my gift decorating. I have just purchased some lovely ones from Sea and Paper with a little candle melting set. The ones I have used before were from Zetta Florence. Sea and Paper use wax beads and a little melting spoon. Zetta Florence uses wax sticks, kind of like a candle. I will be interested to see which I prefer using. I think this would make for a really unique and thoughtful gift.

Cookie Cutters and Embossershttps://www.luluandstone.com/

Now you could buy a cutter/embosser set for a baker friend or you could buy them for yourself and bake your friend some cookies! Regardless these designs are the best I have seen.

Metal Bird Garden Arthttps://www.metalbird.com.au/

I gave this gift to my dad (who is the hardest person EVER to buy for) last year for Christmas and the first thing he said was ‘wow, where did you find this’. Simple yet stunning garden art made in Australia and some of their profits support Wildlife and Childhood Brain Cancer charities.

Fruit Salad Treeshttps://www.fruitsaladtrees.com/

If you’ve been following on my Instagram, you will have seen I have made 3 new additions to my garden this year. All from these guys. They are grafted fruit trees, so you get multiple trees in one! I have one with 3 different types of apples (Luka’s Tree), another with 2 different types of peach and a nectarine and the third one is a blood plum and peachcot tree! I think they would make a wonderful gift – and it just keeps giving each year when they get to enjoy delicious home-grown fruit.

If you’re local to the Mornington Peninsula I have used Simon the Plant Man ¾ barrels to plant them, which are the perfect size (I’ll need someone else to move them for me if I even move but they are great!). You often see full sized or half sized but I think the ¾ doesn’t overwhelm the tree but big enough that it’s solid and has plenty of room to grow! https://simontheplantman.com.au/

Garden – art, planters etc.https://naturesgardengift.com.au/collections

So pretty much this whole store is on my wishlist! I particularly love all the rusted garden décor. What I also love about this store is there are a range of products for different budgets.

Bush Medijina Body Productshttps://bushmedijina.com.au/

An Aboriginal, women led business from a remote island in the Northern Territory. These amazing face, hair and body care products are developed from cultural bush medicine and handmade from local botanicals.

Go-To Skin (Women/Kids/Men)  – https://gotoskincare.com/

Go-To is just that my Go-To skin care. They have also been super generous in supporting my IVF warrior care pack giftaway earlier this year. Their products are fun, natural and work. This time of year their sets are adorable too.

A day triphttps://www.visitmorningtonpeninsula.org/ThingsToDo/FoodWine.aspx

I like giving experiences or things I can do with the person I’m giving to. Particularly, post lockdowns supporting local businesses is a great double-barrelled gift to give. You could purchase a voucher or experience from the business, or I often DIY a voucher and then pay for the outing on the day. The Mornington Peninsula is beautiful and accessible to Melbourne but look around your local area. Perhaps think of the area’s who were affected by the 2020 Bushfires, who were relying on tourism to recover, but the tourists never came due to COVID. Another option is making up a hamper from farmgates, cellar doors etc. to make sure ever dollar is going to the producers.

Kynd Scenthttps://www.kyndscent.com.au/

I try to use as few chemicals as possible, but still like to smell nice when I go out (go out, what’s that?). Kynd Scent has made that possible. They were also a supporter of my giftaway earlier in the year.

Pukka Tea Adventhttps://artisanalaustralia.com.au/products/pukka-days-of-christmas-tea-gift-2020?variant=33431244374104&currency=AUD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&utm_campaign=gs-2019-10-05&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_fiLBhDOARIsAF4khR27qqBw1WxFKP6GromhBdeyMAaiO-xCjx3QBVWlTTLhpHVpIKxn0tcaAomLEALw_wcB

Another giftaway supporter, pukka have been my favourite tea for a long time. They are organic and delicious! They have this super cute advent calendar!

Sow n Sow Seeds/Flower Presshttps://sownsow.com/

Another giftaway supporter, and also a gift I have received and given following miscarriage. These beautiful giftable seeds are a simple and sweet gift. I also remember getting a flower press when I was a little girl and loved it.

Ever Eco cuphttps://evereco.com.au/collections/drinkware

I can’t live without (we’ll I can but I don’t want to) my large Ever Eco Tumbler. I got it during my IVF cycles to keep up with my water because it’s big, it keeps things cold (or hot), it’s drink bottleish without being a drink bottle and it fits perfectly in my cup holder. They do have other options too such as insulated wine tumbler – why not add a little bottle of wine to go with it?

Beads for Bodhihttps://www.facebook.com/Beads-4-Bodhi-102805102168845

My dear friend makes these gorgeous, beaded bracelets to raise money to donate in her stillborn sons honour. I’m obsessed with my rainbow one! They can be customised to your situation, needs, wants etc. A great little stocking stuffer, teacher gift, card add in.

Local Artisthttps://www.facebook.com/colleenherbertart

I found Colleen on facebook. Her work is just beautiful. It’s, anything you want really, artwork on old tin. I just thought it was really different and really beautiful. I encourage you to find other local artists in your area.

Cunliffe and Waters Jam (Cinnamon Berry) – https://cunliffeandwaters.com.au/collections/jam/products/cinnamon-berry-jam

I discovered this jam on my trip to Healsville earlier this year. The Apricot and Almond Jam is to die for. This Cinnamon Berry Jam is absolutely perfect for Christmas. They also have chutneys, salsas, sauces, relishes and much much more!

Ere Perez Carrot Pot Colour (Eyes, Cheeks and Lips!) – https://ereperez.com/products/carrot-colour-pot

I’ve tried several tox-free make up brands and this one is one of my favourites. I’m all about simple and easy too, so a product that does eyes, cheeks and lips I’m sold!! I have a couple and the colour is rich and lovely.

August & Poppy/Milk and Poppy Scrunchieshttps://www.augustandpoppy.com/  https://milkandpoppy.com.au/

Made by August and Poppy, from Milk and Poppy swaddles, these scrunchies are just beautiful. You can get matching children’s scrunchies and you can match your scrunchie to a baby swaddle (which you could also wear as a scarf too).

Everbloome Flowershttps://www.everbloome.com.au/

I’m obsessed with dried flowers. They are so pretty and who doesn’t love flowers that don’t die! There are many sellers of these (try and find something local to you) but I just love the arrangements by Everbloome. If anyone wants to buy me the JoJo bunch feel free 😊

Our Festive Pudshttps://ourfestivepuds.com.au/

It’s probably a bit of an old-fashioned gift to give some Christmas Cake or a Christmas Pudding, but I love a bit of Chrissy Pud! I’ve ordered one from these guys this year, two friends in NSW who started a pudding business because why not? They also have gluten free and gluten, dairy and sugar free options!

DIY Cocktail Box –

This was what all my girlfriends were going to get for Christmas this year, until half of them got pregnant. The idea was to add the ingredients of a cocktail to a box with an insulated wine cup (evereco). Here’s a few Aussie Small Business liquor brands:

Cider – https://napoleone.com.au/ (I love a cider. I did a cider tasting a while back and this was my favourite).

Gin – https://dropsofjuniper.com.au/  (I’ve never had gin before but a family member started this company and I hear it’s very good and has a super cute bottle).

Wine – https://wirrawirra.com/collections/wine We always go here with family when we’re visiting South Australia – Wirra Wirra. I’ve also bought wine for people from here and they love it. I do like their Rose.

https://www.tgallant.com.au/  I also like the Mornington Peninsula’s T’Gallant. They have lots of options for gifts, bottle, spritzers, cans! (Both are available from bottle shops)

That’s the extent of my local alcohol knowledge (sorry). But hopefully given you some ideas!

Kids –

First Scientist Bookhttps://www.booktopia.com.au/the-first-scientists-corey-tutt/book/9781741177527.html?source=pla&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_fiLBhDOARIsAF4khR1za8TH8uWrxDT3YTe-nZLPitrLZPWQ0LijOK1Wh0MgMOqGUS_PgZMaAskvEALw_wcB

I saw the author promoting this book on the ABC and was so excited when I saw it. I know so many kids who are really into science and learning and who better to learn from than our first nations people who are the absolute best at managing this land through great inventions!

Roll and Play Game (18 months+)https://www.hobbyco.com.au/roll-play-game

I saw this game on an Instagram page I follow and thought it was great for little ones. It’s a big coloured dice and each colour has different cards for the little one to do an action (for example hug someone or give a high five). There aren’t many good games for this age group but this one is fantastic.

Wellbeing and Affirmation Cardshttps://theplayemporium.com.au/collections/emotional-regulation-and-children-s-well-being/products/two-little-ducklings-kids-wellbeing-and-affirmation-flashcards-literacy-resource

Being a social worker I’m a big sucker for a strengths card and also for games and toys that support children’s development and wellbeing. Pretty much everything by the store (the play emporium) and the card maker (two little ducklings) is great!

We Might Be Tiny Stampieshttps://www.wemightbetiny.com.au/products/stampies

I love We Might Be Tiny’s dinnerware for kids. These stampies are adorable. While you’re making your cookies your child can either make their own cookies or stamp some playdough for pretend ones with these adorable stamps.

DIY Craft or Baking Kit –

I love a DIY. Why not find a cool pintrest craft activity and put all the pieces in a box with some instructions and the kids can have hours of fun making their own gift.

Kip & Co PJshttps://kipandco.com.au/collections/festive-edit/products/candy-cane-red-ls-onesie

Kip & Co is a Melbourne company started by 3 sisters. They have the most stunning and bright products for homes, babies, children, women, etc.

Zoo Membershiphttps://www.zoo.org.au/gift-membership/

We’ve spent a lot of time inside over the past 2 years, not allowed to go anywhere! Why not give an experience rather than a thing. I love the zoo. But you could also look at local farms or animal sanctuaries and see if they have gift vouchers too.

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