Count it Down with Movies – Part 2

I’m a little late with this list. I really wanted it to be 25 Movies long so it matched part one and stayed with my theme of being a 25 day advent… but I was stuck on 24. I’ve been watching movies to try and find a 25th Movie. So, this list is in no particular order, and some on this list may even be higher up on my first list – some of the awesome Movies on this list weren’t out when I wrote my first list. But if you put them together here’s 50 pretty great Christmas Movies. You can find my first list at

So here go’s Part 2 of my favourite Christmas Movies!

  1. The Holiday
    I’m not a Love Actually Fan. I even tried to give it another go this year but I can’t get into it. It’s a Rom Com! And a Christmas Rom Com and it’s so depressing. And there are too many stories in there for the trash laugh… anyway this is not about Love Actually this is about The Holiday! Which is the sweet, lovely Rom Com it should be, there’s even a sweet old man. I really like The Holiday.
  2. Last Christmas
    Who doesn’t love Emilia Clarke? Honestly, if you put your hand up stop reading this now, this post is not for your kind. Even though of course she’s amazing and the strong, bold dragon Queen, I actually love her more in quirky roles. This is definitely a tearjerker but with a purpose.
  3. Poinsettias for Christmas
    I really enjoy Bethany Joy Lenz… or is she just Joy Lenz at the moment – who can keep up? Anyway, I really enjoy Bethany Joy Lenz in a Christmas Movie. Sure, there’s a love interest but she brings a strength to her characters in the otherwise typical Hallmark genre. She’s fresh and sweet. This is one of my favs for sure.
  4. Noelle
    Ummmm hello! Anna Kendrick can do no wrong! (Except for Twilight but we just forget she was in those right?) I just love this sweet movie which puts a feminist twist on the classic Santa fable. And OMG Snowcone!! Great cast. Love it!!
  5. A Christmas Love Story
    This is a great Hallmark movie. Kristen Chenoweth is incredible, and I like that it explores other central themes rather than the typical love story. This definitely will stay on my must watch list.
  6. Holidate
    Not really a Christmas movie… but that makes it even better because I can watch it all year round. I think maybe the Aussie accent gets in my this one. It’s that quintessential Rom Com of days gone by. I really enjoyed it. Emma Roberts is great in it.
  7. The sweetest Christmas
    If Candace Cameron Bure is the Queen of Christmas then Lacy Chabert is definitely in the royal court. I quite enjoy her movies, but this is my favourite of hers. Maybe it’s my love of gingerbread?
  8. Christmas Town
    Another Hallmark movie (starting the Queen Candace Cameron Bure) that strays away from the romance format (although not completely of course) but it’s more about her finding where she belongs and her people. This one might be my favourite of Candace (although I do like A Shoe Addicts Christmas which is on my first list).
  9. Serendipity
    This is one of those once that isn’t really a Christmas Movie but one of the key scenes takes place at Christmas, so we’ll just call it a Christmas Movie. But it’s so great isn’t it? The magic, the fate, the destiny.
  10. The Family Stone
    Now I didn’t rate this when it was new out. But it’s grown on me and I think when I first saw it, I focused on the main romantic couple and don’t like them but now I see it’s actually about a Mother’s love more than anything. Great cast.
  11. The Christmas Chronicles
    Kurt Russel might be my Favourite Santa. He’s just got a jolly face and I love the ease in which he delivers a joke or pulls you in. The kids are great too. I don’t love the second film as much. But number one will be a lifelong favourite.
  12. Mickey’s Christmas Carol
    This was a classic I watched year after year with my sisters. I just love Mickey as Cratchit and little Tiny Tim. Oh and Goofy as Marley! Who doesn’t love Mickey?
  13. A Very Merry Mix Up
    Not sure why I like this, just go back to it each year.
  14. Christmas in Louisiana
    OK Alex Durpre, Wallace Fennel, Karen Row!! The Mum from Bushfire moon. This has so many familiar and lovable faces.
  15. The Man Who Invented Christmas
    This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed this inside look into the classic ‘A Christmas Carol’. The script is very clever.
  16. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey
    This doesn’t have a lot to do with Christmas except that it’s happening at Christmas, you could definitely watch it all year round. The music is spectacular.
  17. A Charlie Brown Christmas
    I like to watch this while wrapping presents. Its really clever for a Cartoon from the 60’s. Absolutely a classic.
  18. Office Christmas Party
    Another one that has grown on me over the years. Just a good fun, easy watch with a fabulous cast!
  19. Snowed Inn Christmas
    Another Bethany Joy Lenz movie. I enjoyed the back stories, warms the heart.
  20. GodMothered
    I loved this new addition to this year’s Christmas movies. I love the frozen like take on ‘true love’ that embraces different people and families. It’s fun and sweet.
  21. The Santa Clause 2
    I like the romance of this one. I’m weird I like these movies in reverse order… against the grain I know.
  22. A Welcome Home Christmas
    This one got me crying in a good way and smiling to my self with all the feel-good feels. The only thing that grated (but was probably only because I’m a social worker) was that she’s kind of unethically dating her client, but we can move past that.
  23. Twinkle All the Way
    Nice feel-good watch with Sarah Drew from Grey’s fame, she had some April traits. Another one I found myself smiling to myself and just couldn’t help but love it.
  24. The Night Before
    Seems silly, grown men behaving like teenagers but it’s really much deeper about finding the family you pick for yourself.
  25. Dear Christmas
    Brandon Walsh will always have my heart. What I liked about this movie was actually all the Cameos and I’m secretly searching the internet for the glass heart ornaments!

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