Count it Down with Movies

My Top 25 Christmas Movies

Another Christmas Countdown list to help keep you in the holiday Spirit. I tend to watch movies every night after work instead of TV during December. There are so many great ones to choose from. There are some classics that get a go each year, otherwise I’ll watch the newest Hallmark or Lifetime movies (I think there’s over 50 out each year- so plenty to choose from).

1. Fred Claus
I think I cried when I saw this at the cinema, and I was 25. It’s fun and has a beautiful message. And Willie is gold!

2. While You Were Sleeping
We grew up watching this, not as a Christmas movie but just a rom com. You can guarantee at any family dinner someone will whip out the line ‘these mashed potatoes are so creamy’.

3. Love the Coopers
I love all of the intertwining stories, each of them is sweet and lovable. Great casting.

4. Bushfire Moon/Miracle Down Under
This was a family favourite growing up we watched it each year. An Aussie classic.

5. Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas In July
While technically this wasn’t Christmas but Christmas in July, but I think the combination of both Frosty and Rudolph made it a beloved family classic.

6. The Christmas Secret
I am a sucker for the Hallmark/Lifetime/TV movies. They are so simple and sweet. This one seems a little deeper following a single mum (rather than say Santa’s elf who’s the kids’ nanny for the holidays) and has the loveliest ending.

7. The Polar Express
Cried in this one too. The music is divine. The story telly and artistry are magical. So beautiful

8. A Christmas Detour
Candace Cameron Bure is the Christmas queen, and this is one of my go tos on an evening after work.

9. Santa Claus the Movie
Again this is one we watched every year. A Dudley Moore classic. The Reindeer are adorable.

10. All About Christmas Eve
Another Hallmark, the Sliding Doors of Christmas starring Hayley Duff.

11. Bad Moms 2
I actually just watched this the other day because I loved the first movie and it did not disappoint. These movies are hilarious.

12. Home Alone
I’ve actually grown to enjoy this more as an adult. A must every Holiday season.

13. Mom for Christmas
Yet again a family favourite. Olivia Newton John as the mannequin who brings love and Christmas to a little girl.

14. Four Christmases
This is just a good laugh. Great combination with Reese and Vince.

15. The Year Without a Santa Claus
Great children’s classic that even as an adult never gets old.

16. Elf
I actually used to find this a bit annoying, but my best friend would make me watch it on repeat when we lived together. Now I love all the one liners. I even have a couple of T-Shirts (I forgot I was wearing one the other day and the girl and the check out was like ‘oh my gosh that’s elf’).

17. Little Women
Technically not a Christmas movie but much of it happens at Christmas time. I can just see the March girls walking through the snow singing carols taking their Christmas breakfast to poor neighbours.

18. A Muppet Christmas Carol
The nostalgia of Children’s classics is not lost on me obviously. Of all the versions of a Christmas Carol this one and the Mickey Mouse versions are still my favourite.

19. The Christmas Shoes
My best friend gave me the soundtrack and I fell in love. The movie will break your heart but it’s so lovely.

20. The Santa Clause 3
I like all the Santa Clause movies, but I like 3, then 2, then 1 for the storyline’s.

21. The Christmas Contract
I really just watched this for the One Tree Hill alumni. But it is a sweet story, not overdone, just nice.

22. A Shoe Addicts Christmas
Another Candace Cameron Bure gem. A cute story about learning to take risks even though you’re used to disappointment.

23. Once Upon a Holiday
(I have this on right now actually). There are so many Hallmark movies to choose from and a few I just go back to over and over. This is one of them.

24. Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
Oh the misfit toys!

25. It’s a Wonderful Life
Do I need to say anything more?


4 thoughts on “Count it Down with Movies

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  1. Fun list of movies!

    I love Four Christmases, I saw that film in the theaters when it came about. I love Elf too! I actually saw that as a musical on Broadway years ago, so fun!

    I rarely watch the holiday movies on Lifetime but I actually watched one recently. It was called The Christmas Contract. I mostly watched it because I’m a bit of a TV Nerd and the movie was like a mini-reunion for the TV Show One Tree Hill. It was super cheesy, LoL, but really fun too.


      1. I found out after the fact that there was some sort of reunion special on after the movie. I didn’t know at the time and didn’t DVR it, but that would have been awesome to have seen.

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