JoJo’s Gift Giving Guide- 2019

Hello Hello! As you probably can see from my blog I LOVE CHRISTMAS. I haven’t said that before, have I? Of Course, I have!! It’s true I love Christmas. I enjoy decorating, movies, music, baking, gift giving, even putting extra special love into wrapping that gift.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite gift buys this year. I have also linked last year’s guide, as there are some great ideas there too. That guide is mostly for women’s gifts, but I also have a few suggestions for the grandparents, guys in your life, teenagers and kids. There are some great ideas for homemade gifts and charity-based gifts too. Here it is-

This year I’m in a bit more of an eco-friendly, natural product, less chemically place personally. I’m trying to drastically reduce the amount of chemicals in my life. For a whole range of health reasons – they can cause all sorts of health issues without us even realising. Also, as I’ve been freezing eggs and will embark on a journey to have a baby next year, I want to make sure my eggs and my body are in the optimum condition. So, my lifestyle changes have influenced some of my gifts this year. Part of my philosophy, while picking things I think my friends and family will love, is to pass on things which I love that they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves. Then I know it’s tried and tested.

If you receive a gift from me at Christmas time, look away now or you may not get a surprise. Some of these things are also on my own wish list.

Gifts for Her

Essential Oil Perfumes – I say I’m ‘reducing chemicals’ because even though I’m very aware of what I’m putting on body (the largest organ which absorbs whatever you put on it!!) I do still enjoy things like wearing my Dior perfume. In saying that I choose to wear essential oils as my scent during the week and only use traditional perfumes on the weekends. I’ve had a go at making up my own scents. You can find one of my recipes here I do find it difficult though to blend my own perfumes and get it right. You can use my recipe or research/play with your own to make cute handmade gifts. But on my own Christmas list this year is KYDN Scent This has been created by Rachel Finch. There are other brands too such as LaVanilla, and since Vanilla is my absolute favourite, its on my list too.

Hand Cream- I became an Independent Norwex Consultant just over a month ago. I instantly fell in love with the products and how easy they made my chemically reduced life. (Not trying to sell you anything just sharing my love). One of the things that I have loved the most, is the Christmas limited edition Lysere line in Warm Vanilla. I’ve long been a Bath and Body Works fan, and not to diss them in any way, but I also recently cleaned out my cupboard and those products are gone, being replaced with more natural products. My two favourite fragrances are Vanilla and Coconut, so much so that I used to put my Mum’s Vanilla Essence behind my ears when I was a teenager. So, when I got my hands (pun intended) on this cream (and shortly after the body polish and body lotion too) I was in love. The scent is like cake batter and it is incredible!! If you’re in Australia, I’m happy to help you out if you’d like to order anything, just go to my webpage or if you’re not local you can find a Norwex consultant in your area. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Bath Salts- Who doesn’t love a good soak in the tub! Generally, the bath products we buy in stores are either chemical based, or they aren’t very good quality in terms of the properties they use- they just smell nice rather than have an impact on our health. I did a lot of research about magnesium when I was pregnant, as it was said to help with a lot of the symptoms. And I found out that magnesium has been linked to energy production, muscle health and reducing spasms, blood sugar control, reducing PMS symptoms, reducing restless leg, increasing bone health by aiding in calcium absorption, it can relieve anxiety and migraines and helps with good sleep! It also supports de-toxification, so getting rid of all those nasties that build up in our bodies from our environment. I used it to try and manage my fatigue, constipation, insomnia and headaches.  I also found out that the most effective way to uptake Magnesium is via our skin (how important is skin, right?). I bought some Magnesium flakes (Chloride) as, again on research, this seemed the best- and more absorbable then Epsom Salts. I will use Magnesium flakes, BiCarb Soda and Essential Oils (for whatever I have going on- I like Chamomile, Lavender and Ylang Ylang best) to make my own soaks – which would make a great homemade gift. I have also discovered this brand which makes some really lovely blends.

Facial Pads- This is a GREAT gift for the women in your life. These are a Norwex product. They are made of two different types of Norewx cloths and they will replace make up removal wipes, cleanser, toner and an exfoliant with only water! Great to throw in a make-up bag or make-up set if you’re giving a bigger gift or just to have on their own.


Art Supplies- I’m a big fan of rather than getting kids more toys, get them things to do. One of the things I love a lot is Ikea’s Drawing Paper Roll with stand. It’s a pretty cool gift and means that a child will have paper on hand for their creations without having lots of floating pieces of paper. I have also used this paper to wrap gifts before too. Throw in some paints or crayons and you have a great gift!

Books- I give a lot of books at Christmas time. It’s a great gift for children. This year I discovered Hippo Blue who do personalised gifts including picture story books, you can personalise with the child’s name and colourings.

Bathroom fun- I also love bathroom gifts. Its not something that’s going to junk up the toybox and is something kids need, but can still be fun. I love the new line by Zoe Foster-Blake Gro-To. Like her skin care range it’s all natural and looks amazing! Also, how adorable are these ‘Pet to Dry’ Hand towels for kids! Never again have to try and convince a kid to wash their hands after they use the loo.

Movie tickets- this is a great idea for older kids and teenagers. Going to the movies is expensive!! I went last week with my sister and the ‘saver session’ was $17.50!! Imagine taking a family to the movies. I had an Auntie who each Christmas put a movie ticket in a card for us and we loved it!! If you’re an RACV member you can get discounted Movie Tickets.

Gifts for Everyone

Cook Books- I love cooking and a beautiful recipe book is a great gift!! I am gluten and dairy free, so I have spent a long time researching and trialling different recipes, blogs and authors and have widdled it down to a few I love!! I find too when I cook for others they are often amazed at how great the food is and wanting to be a little more health conscious or even just being amazed at the flavours they will go out and buy the books I cook from for themselves. My absolute Favourite Blogger/Author is Danielle Walker who started out with ‘Against All Grain’ which is Paleo recipes that often actually taste like real and delicious food rather than the cardboard you often get with Gluten and Dairy Free cooking. This is her blog and this is where I purchase books from usually (make sure you order ahead of time for delivery on time). She has 4 books which are all fabulous, but as a gift I’d probably get Celebrations; which sets out recipes in holiday themes or Eat What You Love; which takes all those family favourite recipes you cant eat anymore and lets you eat them. and
The other Author I love and would gift their books is Ella Woodward from ‘Deliciously Ella’. Deliciously Ella is plant based whole food and the flavours are incredible!! I’m not plant based and have thrown in some meat to some of her casserole dishes and nothing beats the combination of flavours. She has a blog <>, 5 cookbooks, a podcast and an ap. While hard copy books are really nice to have a subscription to the app could be a great gift too! Here are my favourite books and

Garden/Plants- I am loving my gardening. I have received several plants as gifts in the past year and they are so nice to always have. I’m renting and so while I have invested a bit in the actual garden, I’m also gardening a lot in pots. Last Christmas my Mum gave me a beautiful big tulip shaped lightweight pot, some potting mix and a dwarf lemon tree. I absolutely love it. Friends have given me a hydrangea and roses. I really love them as gifts, and they don’t need to be expensive to be really thoughtful.

Photo Gifts- One of my favourite online stores is Social Print Studio who have an amazing range of photo based gifts but at a really beautiful, artsy quality so they aren’t cheesy or gimmicky. I have made my own cards using them. I have also printed a ‘photo a day’ calendar for my grandpa with all kinds of photos from my travels all over the world. It was so nice when I went to visit him, as he’d have picked out his favourites and want me to tell him stories about them. I have also made fridge magnets. You can create metal prints and wooden prints or posters and photo strips of various sizes. There are frames and hangers for each different style. I also like that these really aren’t that pricey.

Baked Goods- I usually like to include homemade baked goods as gifts too. Last year I made Danielle Walkers Christmas Fudge from Celebrations. I haven’t decided what I’ll do this year but probably cookies of some description, maybe Gingersnaps from Celebrations.

Hope that this has given you some ideas to get your Christmas Gift Giving sorted.

** Disclaimer- I promise I’m not trying to drum up business for myself- I became a Norwex consultant for my own discounts on products [which I can also help you out with, if you love it as much as I do, if you want] because I love them. I have a full-time job, I’m not trying to grow a business particularly at this stage, but because it’s something I love, it’s also something I want to share and gift to my friends and family.

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