Australia/Survival Day

This morning I watched the WugulOra Ceremony honouring our first nations people. Then I had some errands to do. I’ve made some lamingtons. And tonight I’ll probably watch the Australia Day concert from the Sydney Opera House. I also thought I’d play some music from Aussie artists so I made a little  list (150 or so songs) on spotify and thought I’d share. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Australia Day to all. To those recognising ‘Survival Day’ I stand with you and honour the brave and resilient people that you are.  Australia is far from perfect, the very premise of a convict colony is actually brutal- particularly when you hear that most crimes were pretty petty. Not to mention assuming ownership of someone else’s land and way of life.

I myself am of First Fleet ancestry, from a brave teenage girl who was given gifts from her employer (a much older, married man) but when she did not consent to an affair she was then accused of stealing the items- for her crime (of maintaining her virtue and morality) she was sent across the sea, away from everyone and everything she knew. It’s likely her first children were born of assault while travelling to Australia. She went on to marry another convict (turned police constable) and raise a family. Her story of resilience and strength is woven into the fabric of who I am.

English settlers and then white Australia has committed horrendous offences to our Indigenous communities, the trauma which still plays out today.

Our refugee crimes are atrocious.

We are far from perfect. But I still am proud and blessed to live where I do, there is so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for a spirit of ‘mateship’, I am thankful for a community that rises above and supports in times of trial, I’m thankful for a people that will lay down their lives for others, I am thankful for education, I am thankful for opportunity -of which I understand I have due to some of White Australia’s policy and my privilege but I do believe that opportunity can extend to all and I am committed to making that a reality. I pray that we will continue to work toward being the best country, unified and honouring of all. I believe that our Australian ideals can extend to all.




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