Christmas Under Wraps

My sister went through a phase in her early 20s where she would hand you your present in the shopping bag she bought it in, claiming ‘you’re just going to open it anyway’. I have never been that kind of gift giver. I want the gift to look beautiful, I want the person receiving the gift to feel special when they see the gift. The last three years though I have stepped up my gift-wrapping game. It’s not hard to make a gift look amazing with a few paper accents, a decoration and some string. So, I thought I’d take at look at my last three designs and show you how you can achieve it too!

Design 1:
What you need:
Brown Paper
Natural Contrast Paper
Photos on card

Each gift had a slightly different design. I wrapped them all in brown paper. Then I had a contrasting paper. Some were a roll and others I used Kikki K’s Paper Lover’s Book- Christmas. I’ve bought this for several Christmases .I used the contrast papers in different ways. Some were your standard thinner piece wrapped around the middle. Others had contrasting papers stacked in different directions, layering the designs (this works best on flat gifts- like boxes or books). I then tied the sting parcel style around each gift, attaching a To/From Tag. The key to this design was that I had printed a black and white photo, on card, of the recipient and I together. I got these done through Social Print Studio but I’m sure there are several places you could get them done. Some of these were hole punched and tied on with the string, for the flatter gifts where I had layered the paper, I added the photo to the top of the stack. I added a sticker on each gift as well.


Design 2:
What you need:
White Paper
Accent Papers
Christmas Ornament
Wax Seal Stamp

I started by wrapping the gift in white paper, I used Ikea’s craft paper roll, I liked the natural texture. I wrapped an accent paper around the middle of each gift. For this one I used mainly Kikki K’s Paper Lover’s Book- Christmas again. This year is the first time I haven’t bought the Paper Lover’s Book in 3 years, because I still have enough from those three books to get me through this Christmas. It’s got everything you need to up your wrapping game. I then wrapped Christmas themed string (natural with red and gold flecks) multiple times around the gift in the same direction as the accent paper. I added a To/From sticker with an accent sticker and a matching tag to the string (from Kikki K book). I then attached a Christmas decoration to the corner of the gift with a wax seal. (mine are from Zetta Florence). I like the Christmas decorations from Bed, Bath and Table- they are really beautiful, but you could get some anywhere.


Design 3:
What you need:
Rolls of paper (3 contrasting by matching designs- one solid)
Bell decoration
Tree cuttings

I used rolls of paper this year and I will say it’s harder to cut the accent papers in a straight line than when using the thicker paper in the Kikki K books. I wrapped each gift in a piece of paper then wrapped a contrasting band around the middle, then a smaller band again. There was no particular order, depended on what offcuts I had to fit the next gift- to save on wasting paper. For the kids I used a red, dots and a Santa theme. For my adult gifts I used a rose gold paper with the dots and some music notes paper I had saved from other crafts in the past. I got my paper from Kmart and Target. I will say I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the Kmart paper (which was the rose gold) and it has dotted lines on the backside, so you can cut it straight!! That’s the greatest idea ever! I then wrapped Christmas string (for kids red, green and white and for the adults natural with red and gold flecks) in the direction of the contrast paper. I attached a bell to the sting before tying in a bow (my bells are a Bed, Bath and Table decoration). I then added either a To/From Tag tied to the string or a To/From sticker and another little accent sticker. I really wanted to have like a cutting of Christmas tree in my design this year. I was trying to figure out if I bought a small Christmas tree or cut up a cheap fake one (although I couldn’t find any I liked). I was watering my garden and looked up to see my neighbours hedge that hangs over into my yard- it was perfect. And the hedge is so thick, they’d never even know that I’d trimmed the back (which is in my yard- I will reinforce). So, I slid the greenery under the sting and contrasting red bell.

Really, they are all quite simple, you don’t need to be super artsy to pull these off just add the elements one at a time, building until you get the look you want. Happy wrapping!!

Note: This is not sponsored in any way, shape or form.


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